Our Pricing

The costs for the renting are modified to each customer. Talk to us and we will quote you based to your wants. We don't set a general list of costs online because there are several details that are measured into the final charge of the party bus and limousines and we can chat about those details with you to get the best party bus or limo for your occasion. Once you know your plans, call us and we can talk about a quote.

If you would like to be familiar with some common details that go into the ending costs of the rentals, there are lots of details that are considered. We have a assortment of sizes of buses and limos from 18 to 40 passengers so the rates will go up with size. The costs on Fridays and Saturdays are typically higher than rest of the week. If the rental is during the daytime differs from the nighttime. The length of travel in miles is also measured by where you are picked up at, what areas are traveled, and where you need to be dropped off at.

Those are the broad details of the limo and party bus rentals. Please know the kind of event you are planning, when it is (date and time of day), travel areas, and how long you would want the rental before calling us.

Ready to get a quote?

Our phones are open 24/7 so just give us a call whenever you're ready! We can be reached at 561-320-3510!