How Our Pricing Works

The cost for renting any of our vehicles is specific to each customer who gets in touch with us. To get your individualized quote, give us a call. We'll ask a few questions and provide an "out the door" price that is specific to your day, vehicle, and event. We are not able to provide a list of our prices online because there are various factors which play into our pricing on any given day. Once you have your plans for the day squared away, get in touch with us. We'll provide pricing as quickly as possible!

If you'd like to know which factors we consider when pricing our our limousines & party buses, we'll give you a quick rundown here. Perhaps the most obvious, would be the respective rental's size. The larger the vehicle capacity, the higher the rate. Higher demand days (like Friday/Saturday), and higher demand seasons (spring/late summer/early fall) when weddings, proms, and homecoming type events are happening around town... Will also garner a higher price. Sometimes the time of day can even play a role. With daytime rates often being somewhat lower than night. We can also consider how far we have to go in order to pick you up. While we do have a standard area of operations, trips outside of this region may incur a small fuel surcharge to cover our additional cost in going further out.

Because we like to consider all the details, we do not operate with a "one size fits all" pricing strategy. This would force us to price our rentals at the highest end of the spectrum. We don't like to do that for one simple reason... We prefer you save money whenever it is possible.

Those are the broad details of how we set up our pricing for limousine & party bus rentals. When you are calling, please know the kind of event you are planning, when it is (date and time of day), where you'll be picked up, and how long you would want the rental on the day of your event.

Ready to get a quote?

Our phones are open 24/7 so just give us a call whenever you're ready! We can be reached at 561-566-5611!

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